24.11.2023 (Обновлено: 06.12.2023 12:16)

Licenses and permits for export and import of goods into EAEU can be obtained electronically

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council approved a new version of the rules for issuing licenses and permits for the export and import of goods subject to non-tariff regulation measures in trade with third countries.

It is envisaged that some of the document provisions will be applied as and when the Eurasian Economic Union Member States are prepared for this in accordance with national legislation. For example, the possibility of issuing licenses and permits in the form of an electronic document in automatic mode, if this is provided for by the EAEU country's legislation. In this case, the option of using a mandatory set of information from a foreign trade agreement (contract) also appears.

"The rapid development of digitalization necessitates the adoption of such decisions, which will undoubtedly simplify paper-laden processes, as well as positively affect the EAEU business environment," noted Andrey Slepnev, EEC Minister in charge of Trade.

In order to prepare the Member States for implementing the new rules, the decision shall come into effect after 60 calendar days have elapsed from the date of enacting the Protocol on Amendments to the Treaty on the EAEU, signed on May 25, 2023 and separating the rules for issuing licenses and permits into a self-contained document.