23.11.2022 (Обновлено: 30.11.2022 11:26)

Ministers of Agriculture of EAEU countries discuss issues of food security and provision of material and technical resources for agricultural sector

Heads of the authorized bodies of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the relevant ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission discussed the issues of ensuring food security, challenges and prospects for cooperation in the framework of the 3rd Meeting of the Union's Council on Agroindustrial Policy. The parties agreed to continue joint cooperation on monitoring the availability of agricultural products and food, as well as the formation of joint indicative balances between supply and demand.

The participants of the meeting emphasized the importance of the work of the Commission and countries on the development and deepening of integration in the field of agricultural sector as well as documents adopted at the level of the Union on the implementation of coordinated agro-industrial policy. The effectiveness of the Working Group created by the Disposition of the Board in 2021 on the prompt supply of agricultural products between the Union states was also appreciated.

Moreover, the meeting discussed the issue of providing the agricultural industry with material and technical resources, which largely determines the sustainability of agriculture in conditions of high turbulence in the global food market.

At present, significant volumes of seeds and planting material, breeding products, veterinary drugs, agricultural machinery and equipment are imported into the Union market from third countries.

A high dependence on seed imports remains for such important crops as corn, sunflower, sugar beet, and vegetables. In the animal husbandry of the Union countries, there is an insufficient level of self-sufficiency in pedigree lines for the production of chickens.

  "The Commission can act as a coordinator for resolving issues of logistics for the industry having prepared, together with the Member States, effective mechanisms for interaction and implementation of joint cooperation projects," stressed Artak Kamalyan, Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture of the EEC.

The current focus areas for improving resource provision are recognized as ensuring, within the framework of the Union, barrier-free trade in agricultural seeds and breeding products, joint measures for the production of breeding genetic materials, the implementation of import-substituting and high-tech projects, and technological cooperation in agriculture.

The members of the Council also paid special attention to the discussion of the issue of ensuring epizootic well-being for FMD in the EAEU countries. Minister in charge of Technical Regulation Viktor Nazarenko noted the problematic issues of interaction between the Member States to ensure veterinary safety in the customs territory of the Union for FMD.

The parties agreed that the authorized bodies in the field of veterinary medicine of the Union countries will ensure closer cooperation in the prevention and diagnosis of foot and mouth disease.

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The Council for the EAEU Agroindustrial Policy was created by the decision of Heads of the EAEU States to ensure the efficient interaction between the ministries of agriculture of the Union countries in implementing the agreed agricultural policy. It includes the Ministers of Agriculture of the Eurasian Economic Union Member States and EEC Ministers in charge of Industry, Agriculture, and Technical Regulation.