14.09.2021 (Обновлено: 07.07.2022 11:59)

Fungal mycelium included in EAEU list of quarantineable products

At a meeting held on September 14, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Council decided to include fungal mycelium in the list of products subject to phytosanitary quarantine control (supervision) approved by Decision No. 318 of the Customs Union Commission dated June 18, 2010.

The volume of fungal mycelium imported into the Union’s customs territory this year increased by 40% compared to 2018. These products may contain mycelium of dangerous types of fungi, including quarantinable ones. In this regard, the fungal mycelium has been included in the list of products with a high phytosanitary risk.

"The adopted decisions will increase the efficiency of quarantine phytosanitary control, minimize the risks of entering and spreading dangerous fungal species in international trade as well as unify control procedures at the Union’s border and customs territory," stressed Viktor Nazarenko, EEC Minister in charge of Technical Regulation.