EAEU determined principles for marking reusable electronic cigarettes

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission considered the initiative proposal of the Kyrgyz Republic and decided to introduce marking of reusable electronic cigarettes and similar individual electronic vaporizers according to unified rules in the Eurasian Economic Union countries.
According to the document, the Member States will independently determine the introduction date and the procedure for marking by means of identification on their territory, sending an at least six months' notice to the EEC. However, the ban on putting unmarked products into circulation cannot be implemented before October 1, 2022.
“The national marking operators shall interact during the cross-border trade in the manner provided for by the basic technological organizational model of the system for marking goods with identification means within the EAEU,” Vahagn Ghazaryan, Director of the EEC Department for Customs Tariff and Non-Tariff Regulation, informed.

Taking into account the fact that in a number of the Union countries, this group of goods is classified as excisable goods, an additional requirement may be established at the level of national legislation for applying on goods a tangible medium containing anti-counterfeiting means.