24.01.2022 (Обновлено: 02.02.2022 16:57)

EAEU best products to be presented within Eurasian Economic Forums

The EEC Council endorsed the initiative submitted by the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Industry and Agriculture Unit which establishes the legal basis for the possibility of presenting the best goods of the Eurasian Economic Union States, determined, inter alia, following national quality competitions held as part of the Eurasian Economic Forums’ exhibitions.

"Holding such exhibitions will enable creating additional incentives for improving the quality and competitiveness of products manufactured in the Eurasian Economic Union countries as well as providing information support for our manufacturers’ goods for their efficient promotion both within the Union and for export", noted Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture.
As Artak Kamalyan has stressed, holding exhibitions of the EAEU best goods within the Eurasian Economic Forums will enable raising the profile and attractiveness of the Union States’ national quality competitions.

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The Eurasian Economic Forum is an annual business event of the Eurasian Economic Union held alternately in the Union State presiding over the EAEU governing bodies.

The Forum’s objectives are to further develop economic cooperation between the EAEU countries, including to form cooperation ties between economic entities, to achieve a synergistic effect from combining investment and innovation potentials and to develop export potential.

The Forum contributes to improving the efficiency of interaction between the EAEU countries’ public authorities and business communities as well as serves as a platform for assessing the prospects for sustainable development of the integration association and discussing business environment and further areas for development.