27.09.2023 (Обновлено: 03.10.2023 10:09)

EEC Council approved development plan of EAEU Integrated Information System for 2024

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council has approved the development plan of the Eurasian Economic Union's Integrated Information System (EAEU IIS) for 2024. Besides, a decision was adopted to significantly increase the financing of this sphere. 

The EAEU IIS is a key tool for ensuring the Union's efficient functioning. The system makes it possible to automate and simplify the processes of information exchange between the Member States, which contributes to closer economic cooperation and integration.

The approved development plan of the EAEU IIS envisages several key areas:

- to improve and upgrade the system's technological base;

- to develop and implement new functionalities;

- to launch legally significant interstate interaction using electronic digital signature;

- to transfer to a digital platform by creating a subsystem for integration of digital platforms and services;

- to upgrade the system's security and reliability; 

- to expand the scope of application of the EAEU IIS, including to create new services for business and public authorities.

Investments in developing the EAEU IIS will enable accelerating its modernization and functionality expansion, which will ultimately result in improving the quality and efficiency of work within the entire Union.

The increased financing and approval of the EAEU IIS development plan confirms the Member States' commitment to deepening integration and cooperation. The plan is expected to significantly improve the system's functionality and performance, which will provide additional benefits to the EAEU States. 

The works within the IIS development plan are implemented in accordance with the strategic documents adopted by the Heads of State and Government of the Union countries.