The EAEU strives to create a Eurasian quality assurance system

Viktor Nazarenko, Minister in charge of Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, touched upon this issue at the integration forum "Russian Business Week – 2021".

The complex task of increasing the competitiveness of the Union's products presupposes not only systemic regulation of the mandatory sphere, which includes product safety. It also involves creation of the necessary conditions for improving the product quality, coordinated development of all components of the quality infrastructure. The Strategy for Eurasian Integration until 2025 includes the task to develop a Concept for creating a Eurasian quality assurance system and present it at the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council.

"This document will certainly be formed with the participation of the business community. The Commission counts on the active participation of all professionals who have linked their activity with the issues of product quality and competitiveness," the EEC Minister stated.

Viktor Nazarenko also touched upon the prospects for developing a unified system of technical regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as issues of increasing the role of businesses in this process.

The process of forming the Union's common system of technical regulation has no analogues in international practice. In just ten years, 51 technical regulations have been adopted within the system covering more than 85% of the products circulating in the Union. A significant number of experts representing government agencies, scientific and business communities were involved in the system formation. To complete the formation of the technical regulation system, it is necessary to approve nine more technical regulations and organize systematic work to maintain the scientific and technical level of the adopted documents. In many respects, the role of businesses seems to be decisive for implementing these processes.

"Forming requirements for products is impossible without active participation of businesses at all stages of developing technical regulations and lists of interrelated standards. The Commission is open to active interaction with the business community in preparing documents", Viktor Nazarenko, the EEC Minister, stressed. "We look forward to active participation in shaping the EAEU countries' positions on all aspects of technical regulation, including the results of the practical application of technical regulations, the development of both missing and prospective standards."
According to him, while forming a system of uniform mandatory requirements to products, it is also extremely important to introduce efficient mechanisms to protect the single market from unsafe products, primarily imported ones, both through the reasonable issuance of authorisations and efficient state control (supervision) over compliance with the established requirements.

The EEC Minister stressed the importance of strict observance of common mandatory requirements to products and procedures for assessing their conformity, prevention of the unjustified issuance of conformity assessment documents.

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The integration forum "Russian Business Week – 2021" is an annual event held by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

In 2021, the RSPP celebrates its 30th anniversary.

During Russian Business Weeks, business and government agencies discuss the tax and financial systems, investment climate, labor market, social investments, elimination of administrative barriers and other issues.