Issues of customs cooperation between the EAEU and the PRC discussed at the EEC

Sergei Vladimirov, Director of the Department for Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice of the Eurasian Economic Commission, chaired a meeting of the Working Group on Customs Cooperation and Trade Facilitation.

"It is necessary to continue exchanging best practices of customs regulation with our Chinese partners in order to improve customs administration in the EAEU," said Sergei Vladimirov.  
The meeting discussed the formats of cooperation with the PRC on the use of navigation seals, development of smart customs and digitalization of customs procedures. The draft agenda of the forthcoming meeting of the Sub-Committee on Customs Cooperation and Trade Facilitation was considered. The composition of the working group was updated.

For reference

The EEC Working Group on Customs Cooperation and Trade Facilitation was approved on May 17, 2018 in accordance with paragraph 5.3 of Protocol 22-AS of the meeting of the Eurasian part of the Joint Commission on the Implementation of the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation between the Eurasian Economic Union and its Member States, on the one part, and the People's Republic of China, on the other part, dated June 22, 2021.