30.03.2022 (Обновлено: 13.04.2022 09:56)

Andrey Slepnev: "The EAEU can impose moratorium on marking new commodity groups to reduce business costs"

A meeting of high-level Working Group on developing the system for marking goods by identification means in the Eurasian Economic Union was held under the guidance of Andrey Slepnev, EEC Minister in charge of Trade.

During the meeting, it was proposed to consider the possibility of imposing a temporary moratorium on marking new commodity groups and extending deadlines for those goods for which the Member States have already received notifications of the intention to introduce marking.

"An arrangement was reached to discuss the terms of potential moratorium and submit draft relevant act to the Heads of Government for consideration in the near future. Along with that, all the sides agreed that the already adopted decisions on marking will remain in force", Andrey Slepnev noted.
Besides, he added that the issue was considered as part of preparing the second package of measures to increase economic stability of the EAEU Member States.