Bona fide entrepreneurs to get opportunity to declare certain categories of goods

On March 29, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board supplemented the Procedure for filling in the declaration for goods with a new section.

This innovation enables performing customs declaration of certain commodity groups. This entails goods illegally moved across the customs border of the Eurasian Economic Union or those goods released to the single market with violations of customs rules that have resulted in non-payment of customs duties, taxes, non-compliance with prohibitions and restrictions and trade remedies. Such goods can be identified during control measures as well.

The specified nuances of declaring such goods will enable bona fide purchasers to submit customs declarations without filling in separate columns or specifying incomplete information about goods, including vehicles, forwarders and recipients of goods.

"The adopted amendments will enable bona fide entrepreneurs to use legal basis unavailable until recently for declaring goods that failed to pass proper customs formalities in order to make free use of them in future", noted Sergei Vladimirov, Director of the EEC Department for Customs Legislation and Law Enforcement Practice. According to him, the customs authorities will also have a proper legal framework enabling the entrepreneurs to declare such goods for their free use in the future.
The decision of the Commission's Board shall come into effect since October 1 this year.