24.11.2023 (Обновлено: 06.12.2023 12:27)

EAEU to provide tariff exemption for import of cattle meat for industrial processing in 2024

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council has decided to grant a tariff exemption in the form of exemption from import customs duty in respect of certain types of cattle meat intended for the production of meat products.

This entailed the possibility of importing these products in 2024 in the following volumes: up to 8.5 ths tons for the Republic of Armenia, up to 7.5 ths tons for the Republic of Belarus, up to 5 ths tons for the Republic of Kazakhstan, up to 3.5 ths tons for the Kyrgyz Republic and up to 100 ths tons for the Russian Federation. 

The customs tariff regulation measure is aimed at filling the deficit of raw meat in the Eurasian Economic Union's internal market, developing the production of finished meat and sausage products by processing companies, reducing the cost price of such production, and keeping prices for finished products down.

The tariff exemption will be granted in respect of cattle meat intended exclusively for the industrial processing and manufacturing of finished products, provided that the authorized body confirms the intended purpose of the imported goods. Such raw meat does not include high-quality beef, which is mainly produced in the internal market. The deficit of raw meat in the EAEU is compensated mainly by imports from Latin America and India. 

The decision of the Commission's Council on this matter stipulates relevant restrictions on the end use of cattle meat, as well as finished products manufactured using it.