EEF-2023: "Lessons from Covid - Looking to the Future"

Interaction between the Eurasian Economic Union States in preventing the spread of diseases that pose a danger to the public, the EAEU experience in overcoming pandemic threats, the lessons of joint fight against COVID-19, the impact of the pandemic on global and regional integration processes, a scientifically-based look into the future, as well as specific aspects of common markets for medicines and medical products in present-day conditions will be discussed by attendees of the session “Lessons from Covid - Looking into the Future” as part of the business program of the 2nd Eurasian Economic Forum to be held on May 24-25 in Moscow. The forum operator is the Roscongress Foundation.


 The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the high importance of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological safety, including a timely response to the spread of infectious diseases both in the territory of each Member State and across the EAEU.

Besides, the current situation was a test for the Member States' economies, requiring the use of all available resource potential and the identification of priority areas of activity to maintain macroeconomic stability.


 The intersectoral interaction between the authorized bodies of the EAEU Member States at different levels made it possible to develop a set of measures aimed at protecting public health, mitigating the consequences for the economy and business, retaining employment, as well as developing a systematic approach to implementing measures for a timely response to an emerging biological threat, maintaining sanitary and epidemiological welfare and ensuring macroeconomic sustainability.

The discussion of these issues at the session is expected to be attended by Viktor Nazarenko, Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Siddhartha Datta, Regional Advisor for WHO/Europe’s Vaccine-preventable Diseases and Immunization Programme, Alexander Tarasenko, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Belarus, Bubuzhan Arykbaeva, Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sergey Pospelov, Executive Secretary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, Alexander Petrov, Director of the Directorate of Digital Initiatives of the Eurasian Development Bank, Natalya Pshenichnaya, Deputy Director on Clinical and Analytical Work of the Federal Budget Institution of Science "Central Research Institute of Epidemiology" of Rospotrebnadzor, Areg Totolyan, Director of Saint Petersburg Pasteur Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology, and Aleksey Kedrin, Chairman of the Board of the EAEU Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.

The 2nd Eurasian Economic Forum is timed to coincide with the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council involving the heads of the Eurasian Economic Union Member States and the Observer States. The events are held within the framework of the 2023 chairmanship of the Russian Federation in the EAEU governing bodies. The Forum's objective is to improve cooperation ties in the Eurasian space.