EEC and Peoples' Friendship University of Russia continue cooperation

Representatives of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Industrial Policy Department took part in the international scientific and practical conference of the Institute of Foreign Economic Security and Customs of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) "EAEU Economic Strategies: Challenges and Innovations".

Dmitry Yaroshenko, Head of the Department's Section for Voluntary Approval of Specific Subsidies and Proceedings, informed on forming and maintaining the Eurasian Economic Union's industrialization map, the Eurasian Technology Platforms, implementing intergovernmental programs, and the Commission's information analytics in industries.

The students were particularly interested in the new mechanism of financing joint cooperative projects of the EAEU countries. Those interested were invited to work within the sector-specific expert groups functioning at the Department's platform.

As part of the arrangements between the EEC and RUDN, the Industrial Policy Department actively cooperates with the university. The RUDN students undertake an internship at the Department, and exchange experience at the expert level.