The 27th session of the Consultative Committee for Customs Regulations

Page ContentThe 27th session of the Consultative Committee for  Customs Regulations will take place in Moscow on April 22. The session will be chaired by Member of the Board - Minister in charge of Customs Cooperation of the EEC Mukai Kadyrkulov. Representatives of public authorities and business communities of the EAEU member states will participate in the event. Issues concerning the accession of the EAEU member states to the general customs procedures related to the creation, maintenance and use of registers of entities carrying out activities in the sphere of customs will be considered in the course of the session. Members of the Consultative Committee will discuss the feasibility of use of e-seals (positioning systems) with respect to vehicles temporary imported for private use. Experts will also present draft Recommendations of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission "On Ensuring the Uniform Law Enforcement Practice of the Customs Bodies when Monitoring Compliance with the Temporary Non-tariff Regulation Introduced and Unilaterally Applied by the Eurasian Economic Union Member States when Trading with Third Countries" as well as the results of consideration of this document by the EAEU member states.