Imported components for food and other EAEU industries to be cleared faster

On July 15, the EEC Council expanded the list of high-priority goods in terms of customs operations as part of the implementation of measures to increase the stability of the economies of the EAEU Member States.

Before this decision was adopted by the Council, high priority was applied only to certain categories of goods listed in the EAEU Customs Code.

The additional list includes pomace and other solid residues obtained during the extraction of vegetable oils and fats, dextrins and other modified starches, diagnostic reagents and emulsifiers for fats.

Apart from high-priority customs operations, persons who import these categories of goods into the EAEU will be allowed to release these goods before filing a customs declaration. Essentially, this means an interest-free deferred customs payments until the 10th of the next month.

These goods are widely used in food and other industries, some being valuable animal feed and used as fertilizer, others being used in medical, veterinary, scientific or industrial laboratories, as well as in hospitals.

The implementation of the anti-crisis measures with an increased focus on business support by expanding the range of categories of high-priority goods in terms of customs operations facilitates the stability of the operation of industrial and other enterprises of the EAEU countries.