02.02.2024 (Обновлено: 06.02.2024 11:29)

New projects added to priority integration infrastructure projects in EAEU countries' transport sector

At the meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council (EIC) held on February 2 in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan), the Heads of Government of the Eurasian Economic Union countries approved the expanded list of priority integration infrastructure projects in the field of transport, initiated by the EAEU participating countries.

The priority integration infrastructure projects, which are large-scale projects to modernize and build roads and railway lines aimed at developing the Eurasian transport corridors and promising logistics routes, are of particular importance for the EAEU Member States. The projects are designed to increase the transport connectivity of our countries, as well as to promote transit and export-import transportation. 

In particular, Kazakhstan presented projects aimed at developing the eastern international transport corridor "North – South" with upgrading the existing railway infrastructure of the corridor "Russia – Central Asian countries" and the introduction of new railway tracks.

The Kyrgyz Republic proposed to include two projects: reconstruction of the Bishkek bypass road and construction of a railway from Balykchy to Jalal-Abad, connecting the railway infrastructure of the republic's north and south. Implementing the projects will make it possible to create the country's unified internal railway network and increase the capacity of transit routes through Kyrgyzstan.

"The projects will help make transit more comfortable, significantly reduce the costs of freight owners when moving cargo through the territory of the EAEU countries. This is an opportunity for them to become a link between the markets of Europe, Asia and the Middle East," noted Arzybek Kozhoshev, EEC Minister in charge of Energy and Infrastructure.

In the current geopolitical environment, when global changes in the world's logistics chains are taking place and traditional international transport corridors are being reformatted, the "five" countries actively develop their transport infrastructure. 

It bears reminding that in August 2022, the Heads of Government of the "five" countries agreed on the EAEU list of priority integration transport projects, which includes seven projects from all the Member States, six of which relate to the construction or reconstruction of highways of international importance, and one is a railway project.

For reference:

Two new projects from Kazakhstan involve upgrading the existing railway infrastructure on the following sections: Orsk – Kandyagash – Makat – Beineu – Bolashak, Iletsk-1 – Aktobe, Chelyabinsk – Tobol– Nickeltau, and Aksarayskaya – Makat, Shalkar – Beineu – Mangystau, which are part of the North-South ITC. They also involve the construction of the Darbaza-Maktaaral railway line and second railroad tracks on the Kazaly – Arys section of the Russia – Central Asia corridor.

New projects from the Kyrgyz Republic include the construction of the Balykchy – Kochkor – Kara-Keche – Makmal – Jalal-Abad railway and the road project "Reconstruction of the Bishkek Northern Bypass Road".