20.09.2022 (Обновлено: 26.09.2022 16:29)

EEC Youth Council strengthens its efforts

The need to intensify interaction between the Youth Council at the Eurasian Economic Commission and representatives of young professionals of the Eurasian Economic Union countries for their better social and professional self-fulfillment was discussed at the EEC Youth Council’s meeting chaired by Daniyar Turusbekov, Director of the Organizational Support and Protocol Department and Chairman of the Commission’s Youth Council.

In this regard, it is planned to deepen cooperation with key partners and elaborate relevant joint programs with some of them. It is planned to interact with the youth councils of regional integration associations and international organizations, as well as organize sector-specific youth sessions at the largest forum venues of the EAEU, third countries and regional integration associations on a scheduled basis.

Daniyar Turusbekov informed on the outcomes of the CIS and EAEU Youth Forum held on August 25-26, 2022 in Cholpon-Ata, the Kyrgyz Republic. It was noted that the Forum had become a unique platform for young participants, giving them an opportunity to come forward with initiatives that could give impetus to further development of cooperation between the Union States and promotion of the Eurasian integration idea.

The EEC Youth Council in the brainstorming session format discussed the proposals submitted at the Forum. In particular, it considered the initiatives put forward by Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the EEC Board, i.e. to establish the Eurasian Youth Initiatives Support Fund, to create a "single window" for considering applications of the Union countries’ youth, and to give the EAEU countries’ young people an opportunity to do practical training and internship in the EEC.

Besides, the attendees of the EEC Youth Council’s meeting expressed their readiness to be fully engaged in working on the initiatives of youth representatives put forward at the Forum: promoting the creation of the Eurasian business communities, drafting proposals to develop youth tourism, the EAEU volunteer movement, academic mobility, etc.

Furthermore, the attendees of the EEC Youth Council’s meeting proposed additions to the list of initiatives: to extend interaction with the EEC partner universities; to hold university and interuniversity scientific competitions and debates on the Eurasian integration jointly with student associations; and to involve the EEC representatives in state attestation commissions. Special attention was paid to developing social relations between young employees of the EEC.

"Following the CIS and EAEU Youth Forum, we will be faced with a challenging task – to organize systematic work on developing the youth agenda both in the Commission and the Union. The Chairman of the EEC Board is waiting for concrete results of our work. Let's show them", Daniyar Turusbekov stressed.

In order to intensify efforts of the EEC Youth Council, it is planned to approve an action plan, as well as to consider draft of the updated structure of the EEC Youth Council at one of the next meetings.