20.03.2023 (Обновлено: 21.03.2023 17:27)

Developing Eurasian automotive industry to be considered at EEC venue

This initiative was put forward by Nikolay Rogozhnik, Deputy Director of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Industrial Policy Department, at a meeting with businessmen as part of his visit to Moskvich Moscow Automotive Plant and the intersectoral automotive congress.

During their visit to the Russian automotive industry enterprise, the industrial unit's delegation discovered the plant's production potential and development strategy, as well as the suggested cooperation areas within the Eurasian Economic Union. Among the most promising cooperation vectors they mentioned such areas as microelectronics, cable and wire manufacturing, power engineering, petrochemical industry, and machine tool building.

Special attention was paid to developing the domestic microelectronic component base under the presented Production Localizing Program until 2030. The plant is already actively cooperating with national navigation system manufacturers, and, as of today, they managed to arrange deliveries of some microelectronic modules, including GLONASS system required to manufacture the final products. However, there is a need for other microelectronic equipment to perform computing and checking operations.

In this regard, Nikolay Rogozhnik proposed considering sectoral interaction matters at the EEC venue within field-specific expert groups involving the Union countries' authorized authorities and businessmen.