Developing microelectronic and chemical industry given the EAEU construction sector needs to be considered at EEC's venue

This initiative was put forward by Nikolai Rogozhnik, Deputy Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, at a meeting with the business community held within the 28th MosBuild International Exhibition dedicated to construction and public utilities.

During the event, the Industrial Unit's delegation got acquainted with the capabilities of national manufacturers in the field of intelligent management systems for public utilities, finishing and building materials, as well as discussed some issues of developing cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union. Such areas as microelectronics, cable and wire manufacturing, power engineering and chemical production were noted among the most promising vectors of cooperation.

As part of preliminary arrangements with the EAEU countries' business representatives, Nikolai Rogozhnik proposed to prepare a list of business-relevant issues and discuss them within field-specific expert groups at the EEC's venue involving the Union's authorized bodies and the business community.

Furthermore, the EEC delegation held consultations with managers of manufacturing companies from Turkey, Malaysia and China on developing international cooperation and attracting investments to the EAEU industrial sector.