13.03.2023 (Обновлено: 14.03.2023 16:39)

Register of exceptions from public procurement planned for introduction by EAEU States posted on EEC website

The Register of the EAEU Member States' notifications about adopted acts on establishing special aspects of public procurement, specific public procurement from a certain potential supplier and exceptions from the national regime was posted on the EEC official website, on the webpage of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Department for Competition and Public Procurement Policy in the "Public Procurement Policy" section. 

The maintenance of this Register by a supranational body is contemplated by the amendments made by the EEC Council in December 2022 to the Procedure for reviewing the Eurasian Economic Union States' notifications by the Commission on the adoption of acts to establish exceptions from the national regime in the field of public procurement.

The Register contains information on exceptions, special aspects and specific public procurements, as well as their compliance with the requirements of the Procedure, qualifications of the established regulation and other information.

Information about draft acts is posted in the public domain on the EAEU official portal to increase the transparency of introducing exceptions from the national regime or establishing special aspects, and is of interest not only to representatives of public authorities, but also to the business community interested in participating in the EAEU States' public procurement.

The Register of notifications can be found at the link: