29.03.2023 (Обновлено: 30.03.2023 18:14)

New approaches to identifying and removing obstacles in Eurasian Economic Union's internal market defined

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Board approved new approaches to identifying and removing obstacles in the Eurasian Economic Union's internal market.

The innovations include optimized terms and improved mechanism for considering obstacles, updated procedures for recognizing barriers and restrictions as eliminated, and a mediation procedure for settling situations related to the signs of barriers existing in the Union's internal market.

“The Commission has analyzed the practice of applying the current version of the Methodology for qualifying obstacles in the EAEU internal market and adopted its new version based on the analysis,” noted Varos Simonyan, EEC Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies. “In general, the mechanisms envisaged in the document significantly reduce the obstacle qualification procedures.”