The EEC Council instructed to develop an interstate program for creating a supercomputer network in the Union

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission adopted a decision to develop a new interstate program Eurasian Data Processing Infrastructure.

"Today, supercomputer technologies are a strategic area without which further economic growth is unfeasible. The supercomputer has become a necessary tool for efficient technical and economic development. At the same time, in recent decades the world's leading economies have been conducting a real race for who is faster to reach higher productivity values and gain a competitive advantage in quality, speed and computation volumes," Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture, said. "However, there is no such civil supercomputer infrastructure in the EAEU space."

According to Artak Kamalyan, the new interstate program aims to build the EAEU data processing infrastructure for providing wide access to world-class high-performance computing resources for all enterprises, research institutions, educational institutions, government departments and subjects of innovative development.

It is proposed to develop technologies for the efficient use of infrastructure being created, to provide all subjects of the innovative economy with the possibility for using it, to create a comfortable environment for consumers, including the business model of functioning and the necessary regulatory framework, standards and certification system, as well as to form an expert community and an educational network.

According to the EEC experts, the fulfillment of this task will help ensure the technological independence and competitiveness both of our countries individually and the Eurasian Economic Union as a whole.

In addition, the implementation of the interstate program for creating a data processing Infrastructure will give an impetus to the emergence of new markets using supercomputer technologies in the Union.