14.09.2021 (Обновлено: 07.07.2022 11:54)

EEC Council amended Procedure for considering cases of violation of competition rules

On September 14, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Council amended the Procedure for considering cases of violation of the general rules of competition in transboundary markets of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Their objective is to implement the Commission’s decisions on cases of violation of the general rules of competition by the EAEU States’ enforcement authorities. They were initiated due to the fact that the enforcement proceedings legislation of the participating countries has specified requirements for the information to be contained in enforcement documents (mandatory identification of the person against whom an enforcement proceedings should be initiated).

Now the operative part of the decision adopted by the Commission’s Board will reflect bank details for which a fine should be transferred as well as the required information about the applicant and the respondent (for example, passport data and place of residence for natural persons, registration number and date of state registration for juridical persons).

Besides, in accordance with the amendments, not a copy, but a counterpart of the decision of the Commission’s Board in an amount corresponding to the number of violators should be compulsorily sent for enforcement. The procedure for certifying and sending such counterparts of the decisions to persons participated in considering the case with the exclusion of classified information (confidential information) has been determined as well.

Control over implementing the decisions adopted by the Commission will now be entrusted to the EEC’s structural unit authorized in the field of monitoring compliance with the general rules of competition.