29.03.2023 (Обновлено: 30.03.2023 18:43)

Deadline for applications for first International Climate Competition "Green Eurasia" extended until April 10

Due to the high interest of the business community and requests for additional time for the documents preparation, the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives announce the extension of the deadline for submitting applications for the first International Climate Competition "Green Eurasia" up to and including April 10, 2023.

It should be reminded that participation in the competition is free of charge, and the call for applications started on March 9. Each organization can apply for no more than three projects in different categories, including:

· clean energy and energy efficiency,

· manufacturing industry,

· sustainable agriculture,

· low carbon transport,

· sustainable building,

· green financing,

· effective waste management,

· environmental culture and public involvement in the climate agenda,

· environmental and climate monitoring,

· state policy in the field of low-carbon development.

Commercial companies, state institutions, government authorities, non-profit organizations and associations as well as natural persons are eligible to participate in the competition by filling out an application at:

Following the work, the competition's expert group and the presidium will determine the winner (1st place) and finalists (2nd and 3rd places) in each nomination, who will be invited to the awards ceremony on the sidelines of the Eurasian Economic Forum scheduled for May 24-25 this year in Moscow.