21.10.2022 (Обновлено: 28.10.2022 13:17)

EAEU countries to continue work on creating Regional Accrediting Organization

At a meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council on October 21, Prime Ministers of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union instructed the governments of the EAEU countries to consider the possibility of participation of accrediting bodies in the Regional Accrediting Organization (RAO) and assist the relevant authorized bodies in resolving organizational, financial issues related to its creation and functioning.

"The creation of the Regional Accrediting Organization will contribute to the convergence of accreditation procedures in the Union in order to increase confidence in the results of conformity assessment of products and protect the EAEU common market," the EEC Minister Viktor Nazarenko noted. "No doubt, however, that it can become one of the most effective tools to prevent the establishment of technical barriers to trade with third countries, and will also create conditions for increasing export of the Union goods to the markets of the CIS and far-abroad countries."

The most important goal of such a regional organization will be the promotion of common interests and increasing the authority of the accreditation systems of the EAEU countries in the international arena. It will also contribute to the creation of an effective mechanism for ensuring free trade in the CIS and the EAEU.

Earlier during 2021–2022, on behalf of the Heads of Governments of the Eurasian Economic Union's States, the Commission and the Council of Heads of Accreditation Bodies worked out in detail the issues of creating a Regional Accrediting Organization for the Eurasian Region.

Based on the general conclusion that it is expedient for the Union to create such an organization, the Commission's report outlines the principles and conditions for its work, i.e. the participation of national accreditation bodies of the CIS and the EAEU Member States, its international recognition, the presence of a permanent working body located in one of the countries of the EAEU (the CIS). The preferred format of interaction between the Commission and the Regional Accrediting Organization after its establishment has also been defined, i.e. through the signing of an appropriate partnership agreement.