EAEU to provide required awareness and coordination of participants in transportation process

Maksim Gall, Assistant to the Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Board, called the ecosystem of digital transport corridors the foundation of the Eurasian transport and logistics space during a profile plenary discussion at the International Forum "Transport of Russia” held on November 17.

According to him, deep and efficient integration in the Eurasian Economic Union is only possible with developing new logistics approaches and technologies, and creating a modern transport and logistics hub. And this, in turn, will be actively promoted by the ecosystem of digital transport corridors being formed by the Commission jointly with the Union countries.


 The ecosystem will enable ensuring the digital transformation of the Union’s transport industry based on shared national digital services and platforms, as well as forming a single digital transport and logistics space for the EAEU multimodal transportation. At each stage of transportation, it is planned to create digital logistics services (state and commercial) united by common ecosystem rules.


The Union's management bodies have adopted all necessary decisions, and now a reliable digital foundation - a “showcase” of national services of the EAEU digital transport corridor ecosystem - is being created. As part of implementing the project, it is planned to combine public authorities' transport and logistics systems and digital services and commercial logistics services on the basis of a single supranational digital infrastructure.

  “Before year-end 2022, a “showcase” of national services will be formed, which will provide the required level of awareness and further coordination of participants in the transportation process with due regard to the technological readiness of national services,” Maksim Gall noted.

The project aimed at developing the EAEU transport and logistics infrastructure will give impetus to rapid creation of state-of-the-art technologies, mobility of labor resources, goods and services, as well as growth of transit traffic both in the Union and abroad.

The Assistant to the Head of the Commission's Board reported on negotiations with representatives of major transport and logistics companies, having rich practical experience and competence in organizing multimodal international transportation, on the prospects for integrating their main digital services into the EAEU ecosystem of digital transport corridors.