EAEU decided on mutual recognition of GMP certificates

In the course of monitoring the Eurasian Economic Commission, the issue was considered on the compliance with the Eurasian Economic Union's law of the requirement to obtain a GMP certificate issued by the Russian authorized body for imported and transported veterinary medicinal products from the EAEU States.

Owing to the joint work of the Commission and the Member States' authorized bodies, the Commission's Council adopted a decision envisaging mutual recognition of documents confirming the conformity of production of veterinary medicinal products issued in accordance with national legislation. The decision came into effect on October 20 of the current year.


 Having considered the monitoring outcomes and results of the work done, the Commission's Board was informed about removing an obstacle bearing the mark of a barrier.

"We believe that the decision adopted by the Commission's Council will make it possible to significantly simplify the import and sale of veterinary medicinal products in Russia, thus ensuring their free movement across the single territory of our Union," noted Varos Simonyan, EEC Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Informatization, Information and Communication Technologies.