EAEU develops approaches to tax and customs regulation of transboundary e-trading

Proposals to improve approaches to confirming the zero VAT rate for transboundary trade in goods and services in the Eurasian Economic Union were discussed by Ruslan Beketaev, Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission, Sergey Nalivaiko, Minister of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus, and Vladimir Orlovsky, Chairman of the State Customs Committee, at a working meeting held on October 13 in Minsk.

The EEC Minister Ruslan Beketaev has noted that it is required to develop common approaches to tax regulation of transboundary e-trading in the EAEU countries as well as to coordinate principles of indirect taxation of Internet platforms for e-trade in goods.

The sides have also discussed the national traceability system being implemented by the Republic of Belarus, the primary objective of which is to confirm the legality of the turnover of goods during their movement within the Union as well as the use of navigation seals and creating a unified Tax-Free system.