30.01.2023 (Обновлено: 10.02.2023 09:50)

EAEU registered increase in production and trade in aquaculture products

Over the past five years, the EAEU aquaculture production has increased by 1.7 times. Along with that, the greatest growth has been observed in Kyrgyzstan - by more than 5 times, Kazakhstan - by almost 4 times, and the Russian Federation - by 1.7 times. The volume of mutual trade in fish and fish products between the EAEU countries increased by 1.6 times.

This was reported by Maria Baigot, Head of the Section of Agroindustrial Policy, Interstate Programs and Projects of the Agricultural Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, at the conference "Eurasian Aquaculture and New Opportunities for Investment in Fisheries Industry" within the AGROS International Trade Fair for Breeding, Feed, Veterinary Medicine and Technologies for Livestock and Poultry Husbandry and Forage Harvesting.


"Aquaculture is a strategic business area in the Eurasian Economic Union countries showing a substantial growth as well as an impetus for a whole range of related industries: resource allocation, supply, trade, logistics and marketing activities", Maria Baigot noted. 

According to the EEC representative, the fastest growth of the industry is observed in the market of prime fish, where the dependence on imports is significantly high. In this regard, it is advisable to increase the self-sufficiency in planting material, feed and other resources on the basis of cooperation between the Union countries’ interested companies.

 A promising area for cooperation includes training of fishery specialists in high-demand areas by conducting a joint training course between the EAEU States’ universities.

 The Commission’s Agricultural Unit is open for interaction with the interested experts of the business and science community, and associations in the field of aquaculture as well as ready to provide a platform for developing relevant solutions.

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AGROS is an authoritative international trade fair for professionals of the agricultural sector of Russia and States of the near abroad, which is held with the active participation of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and leading industry associations. This year, over 400 companies from more than 20 countries presented their solutions at the trade fair.