The department of statistics  of the Eurasian Economic Commission (heerinafter - the Department, the Commission) is a structural division  of  the Commission, which supports Commission's activities in the sphere of statistics. 

Provision on the Department of Statistics ​of the Eurasian Economic Commission  was approved by the order of the Chairman of the Commission Board, dated July 23,  2012, No. 212.
Main stanardization documents which determine  basic directions of Department's activities:​
  • ​Agreement on execution of  the customs  statistics  of foreign and mutual trade  of products of the Customs Union, dated January 25, 2008;
  • Agreement on information cooperation in the field of statistics from May 29, 2013.​.
​Main tasks of the Department are:
  • provision of the required statistical information  and informational and analytical materials to the Commission;
  • organization of  development of  single standards, classifications and methodology in the field of statistics compatible on the international level, as well as interaction with  the authorized bodies of the member-states of the CU and EEC for their introduction; 
  • establishment and conduct of the data base of statistic features  according to the list of statistic features to be approved by the Commission;
  • summarizing and distribution  within its competence of the statistical information in economic, social, demographic, ecological and other spheres.

Formation of the statistical information  is carried out  by the Department  in accordance with  the Program of statistical works  annually approved by the Board of the Commission.
For performance of consultations with the authorized bodies of the member-states of the Customs Union and the Common Free Market Zone for elaboration  of proposals for taking the decisions of the Commission in the fields of statistics, as well as elaboration  of the agreed position for draft decisions of the Highest Eurasian  Economic Council in the said field by the decision of the Commission Board, dated August 16, 2012, No. 129 the Consulting Committee for Statistics was established  under the Commission Board.

Four sections were formed in the Department:
  • the section of economic statistics; and summarizing works;
  • the section of  statistics of foreignand mutual trade;
  • the section of the financial statistics;
  • the sction of industrial and social  and demograhic statistics.
Departments provide solution of tasks and fulfillment of functions of the Department  in respective  branches of statistics. The economical statistical  and summarizing department also ensures fulfillment of summaries for the Department on the whole.