Section of Planning and Analysis of the Functioning of Internal Markets

Phone: + 7 (495) 669 24 00 

Madlena Kazarian - Head of the Department Division, ext: 58-39 
Maria Yuryevna Ilyina – Advisor, phone: 58-35
Arsen Andreevich Antonov – Counselor, phone: 58-52
Mergen Aramovich Burnusuzian – Counselor, phone: 58-53
Bakyt Zhaparbekovich Dyikanbaev – Counselor, phone: 58-43

The Section performs the following functions:

1) Prepares annual reports on identifying and removing barriers, exceptions and restrictions.

2) Prepares analytical and reference materials for consideration by the Members of the Commission's Board and the Commission's Council.

3) Develops and submits proposals on issues within the Department’s jurisdiction to be included in the plan of the Commission’s research activities.

4) Organizes the performance of research activities on identifying barriers, exceptions and restrictions using various methods of analysis (researches, surveys, test purchase mechanisms and other methods).

5) Interacts with the Commission’s structural subdivisions and state authorities of the Member States on issues within the Department's jurisdiction.

6) Performs economic analysis of the impact of obstacles on the EAEU internal market functioning.

7) Performs other functions within its jurisdiction.​