Section of Planning and Analysis of the Functioning of Internal Markets

Phone: + 7 (495) 669 24 00 

Madlena Kazarian - Head of the Division, ext: 58-39 

Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Zhukova – Advisor, ext.: 58-41
Bakyt Zhaparbekovich Dyikanbaev – Counselor, ext.: 58-43
Sergey Viktorovich Krylov – Counselor, ext.: 58-48

The Section performs the following functions:

1) takes action to identify and eliminate exceptions in the internal market;

2) ensures creation and maintenance of the exception register and register of restrictions in mutual trade in goods operational in the internal market;

3) participates in developing methodological foundations for dealing with exceptions;

4) ensures that interested persons are informed about eliminating exceptions;

5) performs economic analysis of the impact of obstacles on the internal market functioning;

6) provides organizational support of activities carried out by the working (expert) groups on issues within the Department's jurisdiction;

7) develops and submits proposals on issues within the Department’s jurisdiction to be included in the plan of the Commission’s research activities;

8) arranges the research process on identifying obstacles using various methods of analysis;

9) interacts with the Commission’s structural subdivisions and public authorities of Member States on issues within the Section’s jurisdiction;

10) manages interaction with the business community on the issues of internal market functioning;

11) performs summarizing and reporting on the functioning issues.