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29 Mar 2024 Protection of intellectual property rights in EAEU discussed at American Chamber of Commerce in Russia The report of Nurzhamal Ilyasova, Deputy Director of the Eurasian Economic Commission's Business Development Department, on practical steps aimed at forming an efficient system of intellectual property rights protection in the EAEU, was met with great interest by the meeting of the Customs and Transport Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, held on March 29, 2024. The Committee members discussed in detail the information provided by Nurzhamal Ilyasova regarding the latest Eurasian trends aimed at improving customs tools to counteract the inflow of counterfeit goods into the EAEU internal market. According to the EEC representative, the priority directions include the work on launching a common customs registry of intellectual property objects, optimization of customs control procedures for the movement of goods containing intellectual property objects, as well as analysis and adjustment of law enforcement practice in the field of combating violations of the copyright holders' rights. The meeting attendees shared their views on the prospects for developing law enforcement and judicial practice in the field of intellectual property, and discussed other relevant aspects of protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights. For reference The American Chamber of Commerce in Russia (AmCham Russia) is the leading foreign business association in Russia. Founded in 1994, AmCham represents the interests of major U.S. corporations, Russian companies, and companies from Europe and Asia. AmCham's mission is to promote a sustainable market environment conducive to business operations in Russia.
19 Mar 2024 Bakhyt Sultanov, "The share of positive assessments of the impact of draft EEC decisions on the business environment has reached the maximum level" The Eurasian Economic Commission's Board considered the annual report on monitoring the regulatory impact assessment (RIA) with regard to the Commission’s draft decisions in 2023. On average, there are more than 14 business proposals per draft decision. This confirms the real demand for the RIA procedure by the business community of the EAEU countries. "The share of positive opinions on RIA reached 98% – this is the highest level for the period of monitoring since 2015, which confirms the overall focus of the Commission's regulatory activity on improving the business environment," said Bakhyt Sultanov, EEC Minister in charge of Economy and Financial Policy. The report also provides information on the readiness of the regulatory framework for the implementation of the actual impact assessment (AIA) of the adopted EEC decisions, as well as for the extension of AIA to draft international treaties within the Union. These procedures started to apply in March 2024. The annual RIA monitoring report will be submitted to the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission and subsequently presented to the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council for approval. For reference RIA is the procedure for assessing the impact of draft EEC decisions on the business environment. It takes into account the position of businesses of the EAEU countries. The RIA procedure consists of two stages: current assessment, i.e. public discussion of the EEC's draft decision on the Union's website for at least 30 calendar days and final assessment, i.e. preparation of the RIA statement by a specially created Working Group of the EEC. 
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