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23 Nov 2022 Ministers of Agriculture of EAEU countries discuss issues of food security and provision of material and technical resources for agricultural sector Heads of the authorized bodies of the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the relevant ministers of the Eurasian Economic Commission discussed the issues of ensuring food security, challenges and prospects for cooperation in the framework of the 3rd Meeting of the Union's Council on Agroindustrial Policy. The parties agreed to continue joint cooperation on monitoring the availability of agricultural products and food, as well as the formation of joint indicative balances between supply and demand. The participants of the meeting emphasized the importance of the work of the Commission and countries on the development and deepening of integration in the field of agricultural sector as well as documents adopted at the level of the Union on the implementation of coordinated agro-industrial policy. The effectiveness of the Working Group created by the Disposition of the Board in 2021 on the prompt supply of agricultural products between the Union states was also appreciated. Moreover, the meeting discussed the issue of providing the agricultural industry with material and technical resources, which largely determines the sustainability of agriculture in conditions of high turbulence in the global food market. At present, significant volumes of seeds and planting material, breeding products, veterinary drugs, agricultural machinery and equipment are imported into the Union market from third countries. A high dependence on seed imports remains for such important crops as corn, sunflower, sugar beet, and vegetables. In the animal husbandry of the Union countries, there is an insufficient level of self-sufficiency in pedigree lines for the production of chickens.   "The Commission can act as a coordinator for resolving issues of logistics for the industry having prepared, together with the Member States, effective mechanisms for interaction and implementation of joint cooperation projects," stressed Artak Kamalyan, Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture of the EEC. The current focus areas for improving resource provision are recognized as ensuring, within the framework of the Union, barrier-free trade in agricultural seeds and breeding products, joint measures for the production of breeding genetic materials, the implementation of import-substituting and high-tech projects, and technological cooperation in agriculture. The members of the Council also paid special attention to the discussion of the issue of ensuring epizootic well-being for FMD in the EAEU countries. Minister in charge of Technical Regulation Viktor Nazarenko noted the problematic issues of interaction between the Member States to ensure veterinary safety in the customs territory of the Union for FMD. The parties agreed that the authorized bodies in the field of veterinary medicine of the Union countries will ensure closer cooperation in the prevention and diagnosis of foot and mouth disease.        For reference The Council for the EAEU Agroindustrial Policy was created by the decision of Heads of the EAEU States to ensure the efficient interaction between the ministries of agriculture of the Union countries in implementing the agreed agricultural policy. It includes the Ministers of Agriculture of the Eurasian Economic Union Member States and EEC Ministers in charge of Industry, Agriculture, and Technical Regulation.   
18 Nov 2022 EEC and business community discussed entering Egyptian and Serbian markets, EAEU industrial cooperation A sectoral meeting of the Business Dialogue with representatives of the business community of the Eurasian Economic Union was held under the chairmanship of the Minister for Trade of the Eurasian Economic Commission Andrey Slepnev. During the event, opportunities were presented for interested companies from the EAEU countries to develop production facilities on the territory of the Russian Industrial Zone in Egypt, the main vectors of industrial cooperation in the Union until 2025 were outlined, and the prospects for cooperation with Serbia under the Free Trade Agreement were identified. "All issues discussed today are extremely topical: the Russian initiative on the industrial zone in Egypt was enshrined in the October order of the Intergovernmental Council, new areas of industrial cooperation were approved by the heads of governments last year, and a Joint Committee is planned to be held with the Republic of Serbia in the near future," said Andrey Slepnev. "In this regard, it is important for us to receive feedback from business. As you know, the EEC is carrying out the relevant systematic work on an ongoing basis." During the meeting, it was noted that, in addition to gaining access to the infrastructure of the industrial zone in Egypt on conditions identical to those for Russian companies, potential residents from other EAEU states will be able to sell their products duty-free both in the Arab Republic itself and on the territory of its partners in Africa and the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. "This will be a perfect addition to our future free trade agreement," Andrey Slepnev emphasized. In terms of industrial cooperation within the EAEU and with third countries, representative of the industrial block Zhaslan Azenov informed the business community about the implementation of the Main Directions of Industrial Cooperation, promising areas of cooperation and export, and about the mechanism of financial support for cooperative production in the Union, which is planned to be approved. For his part, the representative of the trade block Mikhail Cherekaev spoke about the active work that is being carried out in the framework of negotiations on the conclusion of preferential trade agreements in terms of promoting export-oriented industries.  Andrei Slepnev urged entrepreneurs from the EAEU countries to more actively apply to the Commission with proposals and problems on the eve of the Joint Committee with Serbia, which is expected at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. He drew the attention of business community to negotiations on free trade, which could lead to the creation of exclusive conditions for the enterprises of the Union to access the large Iranian market as early as next year, as well as to the upcoming start of negotiations with Indonesia, the world's seventh largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity.
18 Nov 2022 Cuba plans to open EAEU industrial park This issue was discussed by Nikolay Kushnarev, Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, during his working visit to the Republic of Cuba held on November 14-18. In furtherance of the Cuban initiative to create the Eurasian Economic Union’s industrial park in the territory of the Mariel Special Development Zone (SDZ), Nikolay Kushnarev held negotiations with Ana Teresa Igarsa Martinez, Director General of the Mariel SDZ. The parties discussed in detail the conditions for creating the Eurasian industrial park as well as the possibilities for providing assistance to the EAEU countries' industrial companies to promote them in the Cuban market, including in the region's trade and value-added chains.  As envisioned by the project initiators, in the future, the Mariel Industrial Park can manufacture pharmaceutical chemicals and biotechnological products, medical equipment, machinery and equipment for agricultural and industrial use, for cargo and passenger motor vehicle industry, and appliance equipment oriented to the markets of regional strategic partners (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and Mexico).  Nikolay Kushnarev and Manuel Marrero, Prime Minister of Cuba, discussed some prospects of industrial cooperation between the EAEU States and the Republic of Cuba. The meeting took place at the venue of the 38th Havana International Fair FIHAV-2022. Manuel Marrero stressed Cuba's high interest in accelerated cooperation with the EAEU States, focusing on cooperation in such areas as machine-building industry, ferrous metal industry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals.  "We also hope to extend mutual supplies of industrial products being of mutual interest to Cuba and the EAEU Member States," Prime Minister of Cuba said. In turn, Nikolay Kushnarev informed on the results of negotiations with the Ministry of Industry of Cuba and the Mariel SDZ and preparing specific steps to establish cooperation between enterprises.  “We invite enterprises, associations and representatives of the Ministry of Industry of Cuba to take an active part in the work of our sector-specific working groups and technological platforms, which will contribute to building contacts and including the Cuban companies in cooperation chains,” the Commission's representative emphasized.  On the fair's sidelines, Nikolay Kushnarev also held negotiations with Edismar Saavedra Yero, Director General of Industrial Development of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Cuba, Inalvis Vonasnea, Head of the Department of Europe of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Investment of Cuba, Jorge Luis Suarez Rodriguez, Vice President of the Iron and Steel Industry Business Group GESIME, as well as representatives of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce. The parties agreed on specific steps to develop industrial cooperation between the Union countries and Cuba and signed a working meeting memorandum, emphasizing the parties' wide possibilities for cooperation in the manufacturing industry.  For reference The Havana International Fair FIHAV-2022 is one of the largest trade and exhibition events since 1983 in the Caribbean and one of the most representative in Latin America. In 2020-2021, the event was not held due to difficult epidemiological situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The FIHAV-2022 Fair hosted representatives from over 60 countries. More than 20 Russian companies operating in the motor-vehicle, chemical, medical and light industries, information technology, design, construction, and equipment manufacturing demonstrated their products and inventions to Miguel Diaz-Canel, President of Cuba, and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz. Mariel Special Development Zone with a total area of 465.4 sq. km is located in the north of Artemis Province. The SDZ was established in 2013 and is directly administered by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba.
16 Nov 2022 EAEU countries plan to sign an agreement on free trade in organic agricultural products A draft Agreement on the Procedure for Recognizing Organic Products in the Eurasian Economic Union was approved at a meeting of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The document will be subject to internal approval process in the Union states until March 10, 2023. "The agreement will make it possible to unify the requirements for the production and labeling of organic products within the EAEU. It will serve as the basis for mutual recognition of certificates of conformity and free circulation of these products. The access of all producers of the EAEU countries to a common market with more than 180 million consumers will be a good incentive for increasing the pace of development of the organic sector in the EAEU. It will help diversify organic production and deepen the processing of organic products based on cooperation between agricultural producers of the Union countries," emphasized Artak Kamalyan, Minister in charge of Industry and Agroindustrial Complex of the EEC.  The agreement provides for the unification of requirements for labeling organic products sold in the Member States, the equivalent use of the terms "organic", "biological", "ecological" in the labeling of products, as well as the placement of a single mark of conformity for organic products on their packaging. For reference The development of a draft document is provided for by the roadmap for the formation of a common market for organic agricultural products within the EAEU approved by Disposition No. 16 of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council dated August 20, 2021. The global market for consumption of organic products has shown steady growth in recent decades. In 2020, this area reached another record level of US$129 billion as evidenced by data compiled by the European Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) from 190 countries. More than 80% of the market for the consumption of organic products is concentrated in North America (more than US$57 billion) and Europe (US$56 billion), the Asian market is estimated at US$13.5 billion.
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11/29/2022 12:00:00 am Решение Коллегии ЕЭК №188 О перечне международных и региональных (межгосударственных) стандартов, а в случае их отсутствия – национальных (государственных) стандартов, в результате применения которых на добровольной основе обеспечивается соблюдение требований технического регламента Евразийского экономического союза «О безопасности мяса птицы и продукции его переработки» (ТР ЕАЭС 051/2021), и перечне международных и региональных (межгосударственных) стандартов, а в случае их отсутствия – национальных (государственных) стандартов, содержащих правила и методы исследований (испытаний) и измерений, в том числе правила отбора образцов, необходимые для применения и исполнения требований технического регламента Евразийского экономического союза «О безопасности мяса птицы и продукции его переработки» (ТР ЕАЭС 051/2021) и осуществления оценки соответствия объектов технического регулирования
11/29/2022 12:00:00 am Решение Коллегии ЕЭК №187 О внесении изменений в некоторые решения Коллегии Евразийской экономической комиссии
11/29/2022 12:00:00 am Решение Коллегии ЕЭК №186 О продлении действия антидемпинговой меры в отношении металлопроката с полимерным покрытием, происходящего из Китайской Народной Республики и ввозимого на таможенную территорию Евразийского экономического союза
11/29/2022 12:00:00 am Решение Коллегии ЕЭК №185 О справочнике сфер, в рамках которых органам Евразийского экономического союза предоставлены полномочия в соответствии с Договором о Евразийском экономическом союзе от 29 мая 2014 года
и международными договорами в рамках Евразийского экономического союза
11/29/2022 12:00:00 am Решение Коллегии ЕЭК №184 О справочнике основных характеристик товарного знака и знака обслуживания Евразийского экономического союза (по виду и приоритету)

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