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20 Sep 2023 EAEU countries and Sultanate of Oman plan to develop industrial cooperation Prospects for interaction between the Eurasian Economic Union countries and the Sultanate of Oman in the industrial sector were the main topic of the working negotiations between Nikolay Kushnarev, Director of the Industrial Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, and the officials of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion of the Sultanate of Oman at the International Oman Health Exhibition & Conference in Muscat. "Oman's continued import dependence to meet most of the country's needs for medicines, pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies can open up significant possibilities for the EAEU States' investments," emphasized the Director of the EEC Department. "The Eurasian Economic Commission fully welcomes the competence and willingness of third-country companies to establish interaction on medicine production, and to organize the transfer of technologies and promising pharmaceutical developments from such countries". Besides, Nikolay Kushnarev held a meeting with representatives of the National Innovation Fund of Iran as part of the event, where he discussed with his colleagues the practice of financing innovations and inventions by knowledge-intensive institutions and companies. For reference The Oman Health Exhibition & Conference is an annual international event showcasing the continuous development of the health and medical sector in Oman, the industry's market potential and new opportunities. The Oman Health Exhibition & Conference provides a platform for healthcare professionals, traders, manufacturers, service providers and stakeholders in the healthcare and medical industry to explore new opportunities, showcase the state-of-the-art technologies, services and facilities, and use the potential for trade and investment.
13 Sep 2023 Union States are intensifying efforts to develop trilateral cooperation projects On September 13, the Eurasian Economic Commission hosted the first meeting of the Commission on Cooperation and Import Substitution in Priority and High-Tech Industries within the Eurasian Economic Union chaired by Artak Kamalyan, EEC Minister in charge of Industry and Agriculture. The meeting participants – deputy heads of the EAEU executive authorities and sector-specific business groups – discussed a number of key issues related to mechanisms for supporting cooperation and import substitution at the level of the Eurasian Five countries. “Since the transformation of the high-level working group into the Commission on Cooperation and Import Substitution in December last year, the EEC Industrial Unit, together with the authorized authorities of the Union countries, has carried out coordinated and productive work, and today, in order to promote the development of joint cooperation projects of the Union states in priority sectors, we need to make decisions on a number of important issues,” said Artak Kamalyan. The Commission members decided on the need to intensify the work by the executive bodies of Member States to develop such cooperative projects with the participation of three or more EAEU countries. The meeting participants noted the importance of the new supranational mechanism for financial assistance to cooperation projects, which provides for subsidies from the Union budget covering part of the interest rate on loans issued by financial organizations. “Currently, the relevant provision is being finalized to guide the selection and implementation of joint projects. The new mechanism will significantly help realize the accumulated potential for developing and strengthening the real sector of the economy”, noted the EEC Minister. “Therefore, it is necessary to work more actively with the businesses of our countries to develop promising cooperation projects.”   As part of the discussion, the parties noted the expediency of consolidating the EAEU industrial potential through the establishing non-financial mechanisms for promoting cooperation development, and also agreed to update the EAEU Industrialization Map posted on the official website of the Union. Today, this document includes 158 major investment and significant projects in 25 industries. The meeting also approved further work on developing the EAEU electronic service containing information about industrial and innovative infrastructure of Member States. For reference The Commission on Cooperation and Import Substitution in Priority and High-Tech Industries within the Eurasian Economic Union was established by Disposition No. 225 of the EEC Board dated December 20, 2022. The main objectives of the Commission are comprehensive assistance in organizing work on cooperation and import substitution in priority and high-tech industries at the Union level; development of mechanisms and tools to support cooperation and (or) import substitution in priority and high-tech industries at the Union level; assistance in building cooperative import substituting production chains at the EAEU level; development of proposals aimed at increasing the competitiveness of high-tech products produced in the Union States in the domestic and foreign markets; development of measures aimed at meeting the needs of the domestic and foreign markets for competitive high-tech products produced in Member States.
06 Sep 2023 EEC and Mexico continue to develop dialog in agricultural sector Expanding the spheres of interaction and developing the potential for cooperation in the agricultural sector was the main topic of the working meeting between Armen Harutyunyan, Director of the Agricultural Policy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, and Eduardo Villegas Mejias, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United Mexican States to the Russian Federation. Further to the dialogue following the visit of the Commission's representatives to Mexico in August this year, Armen Harutyunyan informed on the meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the United Mexican States — Santiago Arguello Campos, General Coordinator of Agriculture, and Lourdes Cruz Trinidad, General Coordinator of International Affairs, as well as representatives of business circles and agricultural exporting companies of Mexico.  The meeting attendees noted the existing potential of the Eurasian Economic Union countries and Mexico to increase trade in value-added products, as well as discussed issues related to organizing and conducting joint educational projects to train personnel in the field of the latest technologies in the agricultural sector. Armen Harutyunyan informed the Embassy representatives on the EEC's readiness to become a platform for further expansion of intergovernmental and business relations between the EAEU States and the United Mexican States.
31 Aug 2023 EEC expands industrial cooperation with India A detailed plan for future interaction in the industrial sector between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the government of the Republic of India will be published in a separate document that is currently being developed by the parties. This topic was discussed during the meeting between Nikolay Rogozhnik, Deputy Director of the EEC Industrial Policy Department, and Ved Prakash Singh, First Secretary, Head of the Economic and Commercial Department of the Embassy of the Republic of India to the Russian Federation. "To create conditions for transitioning to project cooperation in manufacturing industry, we prepared a draft road map on cooperation between the Commission and the authorized authorities of India that contains a range of promising areas of sector-specific industrial cooperation," noted Nikolay Rogozhnik. The parties discussed a number of issues related to arranging interaction and expanding the industrial cooperation vectors, holding joint exhibitions and thematic fora, exchanging experience, including at the leading enterprises of India and the Eurasian Economic Union countries. The dialog participants noted that the potential for mutually beneficial cooperation could be unleashed through implementing joint projects in chemicals and pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, aircraft engineering, car manufacturing, mining, as well as in the field of manufacturing medical equipment and materials, biopharmaceuticals, clothing, shoes, specialty steel, copper wires; information technology, including creation of technology parks for making IT products; hydrogen energy; diamond processing; construction.     According to Nikolay Rogozhnik, the draft road map reflects the promising areas and sectors for future interaction between the EAEU countries and India. The document also contains provisions on exchanging experience in technology and staff training, exchanging analytical and statistical information, as well as proposals for reciprocal visits to the leading industrial and research enterprises of the EAEU States and India.     Nikolay Rogozhnik submitted the road map on enhancing industrial cooperation drafted by the Commission's Industrial Unit for review by India's authorized authorities. The parties agreed that effective implementation of all the proposed plans required a direct dialog between the EEC together with the Union's authorized authorities and representatives of India's authorized authorities in the field of manufacturing industry.  
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