14.09.2023 (Обновлено: 21.09.2023 12:50)

EAEU regulates circulation of “scary” toys

In order to protect children from toys that negatively affect their mental health, the Eurasian Economic Commission's Board adopted the Recommendation "On protecting children and adolescents from information harmful to their health and development".

The Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus and the Kyrgyz Republic were recommended to consider the possibility of implementing in their legislation the model law on protecting children from information harmful to their health and development adopted at the 33rd plenary session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the States Members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (Resolution No. 33-15 dated December 3, 2009), with due regard to the special aspects of social and economic development and legal regulation in the countries.

The Eurasian Economic Union States are recommended to consider the expediency of applying the concept of "information products" in relation to board games and other products intended for children and adolescents that may contain images harmful to their health and development (for example, clothing, school bags, backpacks, bicycles, and school writing materials).

Given the discussion, it was recognized expedient to continue work, in accordance with the established procedure, on preparing amendments to the Customs Union's Technical Regulation "On safety of toys", envisaging the possibility of establishing minimum requirements to toys in terms of protecting children from their negative impact.

For reference

The Model Law regulates relations related to the protection of children from information harmful to their physical and mental health, moral, spiritual, mental, physical and social development, including in the circulation of information products intended for children and information products intended for an indefinite number of persons. The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation have adopted relevant laws based thereon.