EEC and Regional Commonwealth in Communications signed a Memorandum of Interaction

A Memorandum of Interaction between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications was signed by Varos Simonyan, EEC Minister in charge of Internal Markets, Information Support, Information & Communication, and Alexey Borodin, Director General of the Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications. The ceremony was held on June 5 on the sidelines of the 30th International Digital Forum TIBO 2024 in Minsk within the framework of the thematic session Eurasian Digital Union.

The Memorandum provides for assistance in building an information society by creating secure digital infrastructure, establishing and developing a cross-border trust space within the EAEU and CIS, the use of modern information and communication technologies and their innovative development.

The parties plan to exchange information and best practices in the field of information and communication technologies, hold consultations, seminars, joint meetings, conferences, round tables and other events, including on the issues of trust and security, prepare joint analytical materials and reports.

The document contemplates establishing a working group on interaction as well as elaborating a joint action plan.

EEC Minister Varos Simonyan noted that signing of the Memorandum was another step to strengthen the Commission's contacts with international partners that promotes the development of cooperation in the field of communication and information technologies.

"Interaction within the framework of the Memorandum will consolidate our efforts aimed at deepening international cooperation in the field of digital technologies and will accelerate their implementation in the Member States of the Union and RCC Member States," noted Varos Simonyan.

In turn, Alexey Borodin expressed his hope for successful cooperation and fruitful joint work. "Based on the Memorandum, we will be able to exchange experience on promising trends in digital development and integration into the global information society," he said.

The Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC) was established by the communications administrations of the Commonwealth states on December 17, 1991 by the Agreement on coordination of interstate relations in the field of postal and electric communications dated October 9, 1992, approved by the CIS Council of Heads of Government.

The main directions of the RCC activities are to establish multilateral mutually beneficial cooperation of the Commonwealth countries in the field of ICT, to carry out concerted actions in establishing a common information space of the CIS, convergence of the regulatory and legal framework, exchange of information resources, comprehensive solution to the information security problem, to ensure successful integration of the CIS Participating states into the global information society.