Eurasian Association of Cardiologists to join organization of network interaction between EAEU countries in healthcare

The issues of cooperation in healthcare between the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Eurasian Association of Cardiologists were discussed by Sergei Glazyev, EEC Minister in charge Integration and Macroeconomics, and Irina Chazova, President of the Association of Medical Workers "Eurasian Association of Cardiologists", Deputy Director General for Scientific and Expert Work of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "National Medical Research Center for Cardiology named after Academician E.I.Chazov". The meeting was held at the EEC headquarters.

Sergei Glazyev stressed the importance of the comprehensive healthcare development in the EAEU, which in many ways contributes to improving the living standards of the population.

 Irina Chazova, in turn, told about the recommendations developed under the auspices of the Eurasian Association of Cardiologists for preventing and avoiding cardiovascular and related diseases. They are published and intended for use by practitioners. She noted that the Association had created a scientific and expert network that could contribute to organizing efficient networking in healthcare within the EAEU.

 The meeting participants also discussed holding a series of joint events that contribute to preventing cardiovascular and other diseases within the EAEU.

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The strategic directions for developing the Eurasian economic integration until 2025 (Strategy–2025) provide for expanding the economic cooperation between the EAEU states in healthcare, including developing a program of measures for cooperation in healthcare in terms of making the modern achievements available for citizens; studying the issues of organization and holding some international forums on topical issues in healthcare to facilitate access to advanced methods and specialized knowledge, and other measures.

The Association of Medical Professionals "Eurasian Association of Cardiologists" is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity for medical specialists in cardiology to exchange professional, scientific and practical experience. The Association is a union of Eurasian countries' medical community, which promoted the most complete and comprehensive development of health care, medical science and education, as well as the professional growth of medical specialists conducting research, teaching and practical work in cardiology and related disciplines in Eurasian states.