EAEU consumer price index amounted to 107% in October 2023 on yearly basis

In October 2023, the consumer price index for goods and services in the Eurasian Economic Union amounted to 100.8% compared to September 2023, 105.6% compared to December 2022, and 107.0% compared to October 2022.

Compared to October 2022, the largest increase in prices across the EAEU was registered for paid services (by 9.8%). During this period, prices for food products increased by 6.3%, and prices for non-food products grew by 5.7%.

An increase in prices for food products higher than in the EAEU was registered in Kazakhstan (by 10.4%) and Kyrgyzstan (by 7.2%). The largest increase in prices for non-food products was registered in Kyrgyzstan (by 13.8%) and Kazakhstan (by 11.1%), and the largest increase in prices for paid services was observed in Kazakhstan (by 11.0%).

More detailed statistics has been provided on the EEC Statistics Department's webpage in the "On Consumer Price Index" section.