27.07.2022 (Обновлено: 09.08.2022 14:38)

EEC Board made targeted amendments to lists of standards to Technical Regulation "On safety of wheeled vehicles"

The amendments were made on the initiative put forward by the public authorities of the Eurasian Economic Union countries in view of cancelling in the Russian Federation of the national standard for accumulator starting battery included in the lists of standards (GOST R 53165-2008) and are aimed at replacing this standard with its current version (GOST R 53165-2020).

By Decision of the Commission’s Board, GOST R 53165-2008 standard can be applied until December 31, 2022 to accredit testing laboratories to the requirements of new GOST R 53165-2020 standard.

The EEC Board's decision shall come into effect after 30 calendar days have elapsed from the date of its official publication.

For reference

GOST R 53165-2008 (IEC 60095-1:2006) - Lead Starter Batteries for Car and Tractor Machinery. General Specifications";

GOST R 53165-2020 (IEC 60095-1:2018) - "Lead Acid Starter Batteries. Part 1. General Requirements and Test Methods".