EEC representatives held brainstorming session on EAEU youth agenda for participants of Presidential Academy’s International Summer Campus

Employees of the Organizational Support and Protocol Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission - Ilya Kuzmichev and Elnura Abdurashitova - attended the events of the International Summer Campus of the Presidential Academy held from July 13 to 26 this year in Kazan.

The Summer Campus attendees - students of RANEPA, Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University, and a number of other universities of the Eurasian Economic Union countries - created projects in areas relevant to young people: education and science, entrepreneurial business, tourism, and the IT-sector development. The Commission has become a partner of the thematic track dedicated to the youth involvement in the processes of the Eurasian economic integration.

The Commission’s representatives held a discussion "Why do young people need the Eurasian Economic Union?", and organized a brainstorming session "The EAEU Youth Agenda - New Direction of the Eurasian integration". Besides, Ilya Kuzmichev and Elnura Abdurashitova, jointly with Valery Smirnov, Deputy Director of RANEPA Institute of Law and National Security, and Sergey Rekeda, Associate Professor of the Base Department of the Eurasian Economic Integration of the RANEPA Institute of Law and National Security, took part in the work on student projects as experts. In the future, these projects will form the activity base of the Eurasian Student’s Assembly, the initiative to create which for consolidating the EAEU student community was put forward by RANEPA.

The Commission's involvement in the Summer Campus took place within the EEC and RANEPA Cooperation Program for 2021-2022, contemplating a set of joint scientific, educational and expert-analytical activities.