EEC Council approved Procedure for coordinating standardization work in EAEU

The procedure developed in accordance with the Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025 determines the procedures for ensuring interaction between the governing bodies of the Eurasian Economic Union countries in a number of areas.

These include planning the development of interstate standards required to apply and meet the requirements of technical regulations, preparation and approval of programs for their development; coordination of national standardization bodies in developing (amending, revising) interstate standards envisaged by the programs; interaction in developing and adopting standards for products for which technical regulations have not yet been adopted, but which are included in the single list of products subject to the EAEU mandatory requirements (for example, high voltage equipment, service and non-military weapons, plant protection products and others).

National authorities will also cooperate on enacting and applying interstate standards, national standards and measurement methods required to apply and implement technical regulation requirements; developing standards related to ensuring cooperation between the Member States in manufacturing industry, transport, energy and other fields; and coordinating the development of standardization in the field of technical regulation.

Applying the provisions of the Procedure will contribute to developing standardization in the EAEU, systematic planning of work to ensure the application of the Union's technical regulations, and the application of progressive international and regional standards.