Procedure for amending declarations for express cargo approved

On September 14, the Eurasian Economic Commission's Board approved the Procedure for performing customs operations related to amending (supplementing) information stated in the declaration for express cargo, used when declaring commercial goods transported as express cargo.

In law enforcement practice, it is often necessary to amend or supplement information in a customs declaration both before and after the release of goods. Such amendments may be initiated by both the express carrier and the customs authorities.

"The approved procedure stipulates a specific plan of action by the express carrier and customs officials, terms and cases of making amendments to the customs document," noted Eldar Alisherov, EEC Minister in charge of Customs Cooperation.

The project is a logical continuation of the comprehensive work conducted by the Commission's Customs Unit to improve the customs administration of express cargo and to form a modern legal framework on this issue.

For reference

Decision No. 142 of the Commission's Board dated August 28, 2018 "On the customs declaration of goods delivered by the carrier as express cargo using a declaration for goods" approved the form and procedure for filling out the declaration for express cargo and determined the conditions for its application.

Work on improving the customs administration of express cargo is carried out within the relevant Working Group under the Advisory Committee on Customs Regulation involving representatives of public authorities and the business community.