26.01.2023 (Обновлено: 31.01.2023 10:34)

Californian click beetle included in the Unified EAEU List of Quarantine Items

The Eurasian Economic Commission's Council expanded the Unified List of Quarantine Items of the Eurasian Economic Union with another dangerous crop pest, Californian click beetle.

The grounds for its inclusion in the Unified List are the results of phytosanitary risk analysis provided by the authorized authority of the Russian Federation. This beetle is common predominantly in North American countries. According to tentative estimates, potential damage by Californian click beetle to potatoes alone and in Russia alone might amount to 15.5 billion rubles. However, it is a polyphagous insect that damages such crops as sugar beet, potato, wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. 

Brazil, Turkey, Morocco and Jordan already included it in their national lists of quarantine items and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization put it on its A1 List of pests recommended for regulation as quarantine pests. 

Moreover, the EEC Council supplemented the Common Phytosanitary Quarantine Requirements of the Union with the requirements to certain types of quarantinable products that might be potential modes of transmission and spread of Californian click beetle.

The Council decision will allow to minimize the risk of bringing this pest into the EAEU customs territory and ensure the required level of phytosanitary quarantine safety of the Union's territory.