The EEC considers single window mechanism

The working group on developing priority tools for implementing the single window mechanism in the legal regulation of foreign economic activity in the Eurasian Economic Union held its meeting.

Representatives of the customs cooperation block of the Eurasian Economic Commission and authorized bodies of the EAEU countries involved in projects for the development of national single window mechanisms took part in this meeting. 

The participants considered issues related to a survey of interested government bodies, legal entities and business communities of the countries of the Union to assess the priority of tools for implementing the single window mechanism. Moreover, the group’s specialists discussed the upcoming demonstration of pilot projects in 2024 to introduce national single window mechanisms in the Member States in accordance with the Strategic Directions for the Development of Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025.

Representatives of the parties discussed the approaches and form of conducting this survey,
as well as elements of demonstrating pilot projects in the EAEU states. One of the goals of such work is to ensure convenience and transparency of the process of conducting foreign economic activity for businesses and improving the quality of services provided thereto.

For reference

By its Order No.4 dated April 5, 2021, the EEC Council issued its Action Plan to Implement Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025, where it defined measures, mechanisms and activities for the implementation of Strategy 2025.

The following activities are defined in paragraph 9.4 of the Action Plan:

– prepare acts of the Union bodies to ensure the normative consolidation of priority instruments for the implementation of the national single window mechanism;

– organize events aimed at demonstrating pilot projects for the implementation of national single window mechanisms in order to ensure their future compatibility and the possibility of data exchange.