15.05.2023 (Обновлено: 17.05.2023 17:15)

EEC considered documents ensuring integration development in transport

Implementing the Main Directions of Transport Policy were considered at a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Transport and Infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission held on May 15.

Elena Valenta, Acting Director of the Transport and Infrastructure Department, who chaired the meeting, informed the attendees on the integration work in the Eurasian Economic Union, carried out in a planned manner in accordance with the roadmap for 2021-2023, outlined specific aspects and challenges of preparing individual draft documents, as well as announced the beginning of work on preparing a roadmap for the next three-year period - 2024-2026. 

Elena Valenta has noted that the content of the new roadmap requires special attention - this document should be aimed at deepening integration processes in accordance with the transport policy milestones.

The key issues at the meeting were the civil aviation development. These included the areas of legal harmonization, approaches to ensuring fair and bona fide competition and the extension of air service. 

The Committee approved the reports resulting from the analytical work to assess the feasibility of concluding agreements in the field of airworthiness and flight safety, as well as the feasibility of elaborating and concluding an international treaty on the establishment and functioning of the EAEU common market for air transport services. 

The participants of the Committee's meeting paid special attention to the progress on the draft Comprehensive Plan for developing the Eurasian transport corridors. The document on infrastructure development is one of the priorities of the joint actions of the parties and the Commission and is designed to determine possibilities and prospects for coordinated interaction in light of changing directions of transport corridors and routes, and the logistics of commodity flows. 

The meeting attendees also discussed some issues of inland navigation, and the development of international cooperation.

Concluding the event, Elena Valenta noted the importance of prompt resolution of relevant matters in integration of the EAEU transportation industry. A number of discussed issues will be included in the agenda of the meeting of the Council of Heads of Authorized Bodies in the Field of Transport of the EAEU Member States.