Vadim Zakrevsky, “We need to cooperate more actively in the field of renewable energy sources”

The prospects for integration cooperation within the Eurasian Economic Union on renewable energy sources (RES), ensuring energy security and creating common markets for energy resources were outlined by Vadim Zakrevsky, Director of the Energy Department of the Eurasian Economic Commission, at the 27th Belarusian Energy and Ecology Forum in Minsk.

“There are great opportunities for developing cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources. It is necessary to leverage the EEC potential, to involve it in the work more actively, while using the experience and developments of the EAEU countries in this area to benefit the economic development of the entire Eurasian Economic Union,” noted Vadim Zakrevsky. 


Vadim Zakrevsky also held a working meeting with Denis Moroz, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus, to review the existing disagreements on the emerging energy markets of the Eurasian Economic Union.

In addition, a working meeting was held with Taras Kupchikov, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the CIS Electric Power Council to discuss the possibility of holding a joint panel session or round table on cooperation between the EAEU Member States and the CIS Member States in the energy sector within regional energy forums.