Section of Strategic Development of Internal Market

Phone: + 7 (495) 669 24 00

Timur Slobodchuk, Head of Section, ext.: 58-44

Mergen Burnusuzyan, Advisor, ext.: 58-53

Mher Kazaryan, Counselor, ext.: 58-37

Karimova Alina Fanilevna, ext.: 51-33

The Section performs the following functions:

1) ensures development of strategic documents in the field of internal market functioning;

2) prepares analytical materials on systemic problems of internal market functioning;

3) develops proposals and a set of measures to address systemic problems of internal market functioning;

4) performs methodological development of foundations for dealing with obstacles;

5) prepares draft acts of the Union's governing bodies regulating the activities to identify and eliminate obstacles in the internal market and proposals on their improvement;

6) participates in the work to develop and optimize the information portal;

7) prepares annual analytical reports on progress made by Member States in eliminating barriers and restriction within the framework of the internal market functioning;

8) prepares certificates, rationales and other analytical materials on draft international treaties, decisions of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council and the Commission, as well as on other issues within its jurisdiction;

9) if required, participates in meetings of working and expert groups, as well as the Commission’s advisory bodies on the issues within the Section’s jurisdiction.