"Challenges and opportunities for the economic development of the EAEU: regional and global context"

Page ContentOn November 14, the Eurasian Economic Commission, together with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the Interstate Bank, organizes the international regional seminar "Challenges and opportunities for the economic development of the EAEU: regional and global context”. The seminar is devoted to the most pressing issues of global economic development, as well as the aspects of integration ties between the countries in the Eurasian space in the context of conducting an agreed macroeconomic policy of regional integration blocs on the example of the Eurasian Economic Union. Today, economic growth rates in the world remain quite modest; economies of both developed and developing countries are facing serious challenges of a systemic nature. Slowdown of economic development in China and the European Union, low prices for raw materials and energy resources, the lack of coordinated macroeconomic expansionary measures on a global scale leads to the fact that many developing countries and states with economies in transition are trying to balance the aspects of national financial sustainability and expansionary measures at once. Systemic risks of global nature tend to increase. The UNCTAD warns that developing countries are becoming more vulnerable to volatile global financial markets, including massive speculative capital flows. At the same time, deregulation of the financial sector  in countries with emerging markets leads to the process of reducing by corporations of investment performance indicators  with corresponding negative consequences for long-term economic growth dynamics. From this perspective, the upcoming seminar in the Commission is expected to discuss global and regional development trends, their impact on the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as to analyze opportunities and challenges the EAEU countries are facing. At the seminar, the leading international economic organizations of the UN system (ESCAP, UNCTAD, IMF, World Bank) will present their annual reports on the most problematic aspects of the world and regional economy development. The Interstate Bank will give an overview of the prospects for the introduction of national currencies in mutual payments within the EAEU. Following the planned speeches a broad panel discussion is planned aimed at elaborating proposals and recommendations to the states of the Union on how to mitigate the negative impact of external shocks, including using tools of conducting a coordinated macroeconomic policy of regional integration blocs and associations. Presentation of reports of international economic institutions will be made in English, with the possibility of simultaneous translation into Russian. Program of the regional seminar in English Program of the regional seminar in Russian Venue: 3/5, bld. 1, Smolenskiy Blvd., Moscow,  conference room (3 floor, No.408).  We invite all interested people to work together at the seminar. Please, confirm your participation to Yulia Rumyantseva by phone +7 (495) 669 24 00 (ext. 4698) or by email  till November 10, 2016. Contact person: Deputy Head of the Cooperation in Conducting Agreed Macroeconomic Policy Division of the Macroeconomic Policy Department, Larisa Plachinda,  Tel.: +7 (495) 669 24 00, ext. 4655, email: For Reference Interstate Bank is an international bank settlement and credit institution with 100% participation of state capitals of the Member States of the Commonwealth of Independent States. ​​