21.02.2022 (Обновлено: 05.03.2022 15:50)

Outcomes of EEC Council on February 18

At its meeting held on February 18, the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Council adopted a recommendation to develop the jewelry industry of the Eurasian Economic Union when promoting the Member States’ products to third markets.

The EEC Council amended the procedures for phytosanitary quarantine control (supervision) at the customs border and the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The EEC Council approved some mechanisms of taxation of e-trade in services in the EAEU.

The EEC Council adopted a decision, following the outcomes of the pilot project on forming information system on unsafe products in the Eurasian Economic Union, to proceed with preparing documents required for a full-fledged start of the general process for forming this information system in the EAEU as well as the action plan aimed at implementing the agreements adopted in organizing supervision of products traded in the Union's market.

The EEC Council adjusted deadlines for creating an information and communication "showcase" of national services of the EAEU ecosystem of digital transport corridors.

The EEC Council established zero rates of import customs duties for terephthalic acid and its salts as well as certain types of hosiery threads and extended the term for applying zero rate of import customs duty for certain types of internal combustion engines.

The EEC Council adopted a decision to supplement the list of goods for which the criteria of origin should be applied in accordance with the Rules for determining the country of origin of certain types of goods for public (municipal) procurement purposes with 12 more items.

The next meeting of the EEC Council will take place on March 18.