23.01.2024 (Обновлено: 25.01.2024 09:24)

Commission's Board approved theme of the year in consumer rights protection

"Consumer and Entrepreneur: Trust for Development" – such a theme has been approved by the Eurasian Economic Commission as a priority for 2024 in the Eurasian Economic Union. The EEC Board adopted a relevant recommendation for the Union countries at its meeting on January 23.

Under conditions of global economic instability, the "Eurasian Five" countries are focused on the public and business needs in their joint development. The priorities for developing a single market that meets the interests of residents of all the Union countries are enshrined in the Joint Action Program of the Member States for consumer rights protection. 

The theme for 2024 was adopted in accordance with the above program. It will make it possible to draw public attention to the problems of interaction between consumers and entrepreneurs and to strengthen the space of trust between them.

This year, the Union countries are planning information and training events on preserving the balance of interests between entrepreneurs and society. The forthcoming work will cover residents of all five Member States. This will make it possible to popularize the EAEU policy in the field of consumer rights protection, expand the existing and introduce new mechanisms to support and develop good decent relations between participants of the Union's consumer market.

For reference

The theme of the EAEU year was first chosen in 2023. According to the EEC, the work carried out in accordance with the chosen theme covered 60 mln people.

The theme for 2024 was proposed by the Advisory Committee on Consumer Protection of the Union Member States following a public vote held on the Commission's website.