Viktor Nazarenko, EEC Minister in charge of Technical Regulation, congratulated colleagues on World Standards Day

On behalf of the Eurasian Economic Commission and himself, Viktor Nazarenko, the Minister in charge of Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic Commission, congratulated colleagues from the Eurasian Economic Union Member States and partners from the Commonwealth of Independent States, who dedicated themselves to standardization, on World Standards Day.

In 2023, the celebrations will be held under the motto “Shared Vision for a Better World: Implementing SDG 3.” This year’s priorities include ensuring a healthy lifestyle and promoting general well-being.

“New technologies introduced to ensure the production of safe food products, provide access to effective medicines, vaccines and medical products, reduce energy consumption and the harmful impact from hazardous substances on humans and the environment are the benchmarks, against which the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals is measured. Once applied, modern standards specifically tailored for these areas make an effective tool for attaining the set goals”, the congratulatory address says.

Viktor Nazarenko pointed out that standards have always been a success at ensuring safety, quality and competitiveness of products, eliminating technical barriers to trade, promoting innovative development of economy sectors in our countries, and providing support in joining efforts to respond to new challenges and tasks set at the current stage of economic development.

“Understanding the role and importance of technical regulation and standardization for the economic development in the Eurasian Economic Union Member States, the Eurasian Economic Commission and the Union countries prioritize finding the promising directions for improving the Union’s law and the standardization policy coordinated with the national standardization bodies, using available tools, such as international, regional and national standards for the development of new integration areas and implementation of major cooperation and innovation projects”, the EEC Minister emphasized.

Viktor Nazarenko wished his colleagues success in attaining their goals by working fruitfully on developing modern, in-demand standards that provide for the competitive national economies in the Union Member States and improved living standards of citizens.